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How will I know the driver has arrived?
The driver will send you a text message to let you know that he has arrived. The driver will be waiting at the barrier as you enter the arrivals hall, displaying a signboard with the wording of your choice; your name or company name.

What if my flight is delayed?
Don’t worry if the flight is delayed as we monitor your flights to ensure that the driver will meet you on time.

What if there are road traffic problems on route?
We constantly monitor the motorways for congestion, so if there is a problem we will contact you to let you know, so we either leave earlier or change our route.

Are there any hidden charges?
No. When a booking is made you would of been notified of all charges verbally or via email.  Transparency is our credibility.

How are bespoke VIP service rates calculated?
All cars and chauffeurs hired are set to start from CCUK HQ base to CCUK HQ base(CV31 3NS to CV31 3NS) unless previously agreed with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) – please tell us about your special requirements at the time of booking(s). If no prior agreement is made and clearly signed for with an SLA, then our terms and conditions will be set by the companies discretion.

Do you operate a non smoking policy?
Since July 1st 2007 smoking is prohibited on business premises. This includes hire cars and taxis.

Can we bring our own DVD/CD’s?
Yes, of course or we can provide our own selection if you wish.

My flight has been delayed, will I miss your chauffeur?
We monitor your flight to ensure that our chauffeur meet you on time, either when flights are late or early (We allow 45 minutes for baggage handling and Passport control to minimise parking and waiting time costs)

I’m at the airport, where do I meet your chauffeur?
Our chauffeurs always wait inside the terminal, next to the exit from customs, with a board carrying your name and flight number.

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